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Transformation: Flower beds around patio

Warm weather is finally here to stay (hopefully), and that means planting season is here. Now that our patio renovation is complete, we have been investing into landscaping and getting our grass back to normal. Let me tell you..this has not been easy to do and there is still a lot of work to do, but we're getting closer!

We originally planned on putting flower beds surrounding the patio once that was complete, but we never got around to it till now. And the first thing we asked ourselves once we did was, "Why didn't we do this earlier?!" We attempted to grow grass around the patio to save some money, but it was so overgrown by weeds and took away from the patio.

Here's the before and after:



Here's what we used to make this happen:

-Plastic edging

-Full-sun flowers

-Top soil

-Black rubber mulch (this comes in different colors but we liked the contrast against the light patio)

-LED solar lights

I wasn't quite sure about using rubber mulch at first, but I LOVE it! We used it last year for a different area in our backyard and it has held up perfectly. It tends to be a little bit more costly, but it's worth it since you may not have to replace it every year.

We also didn't plan on adding lighting, but we saw these LED solar lights at Home Depot and for the price we figured we'd give them a shot (pack of 6 for $18). We put 3 in each flower bed (the other one is lining the other side). I love the way they give off a soft glow at night. Lighting is my favorite so between the string lights above, the soft light in the lanterns on the patio and the LED lights in the flower beds it's perfect.

Happy planting season!

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