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Fall DIY: Faux Concrete Pears

Fall is my favorite time of year, from the pumpkins to the "sweater weather" candles and open-door temperatures.

I know it's a little early to begin talking about fall (I'm sure all of you summer lovers are probably like what in the world), however I wanted to share this super easy and affordable DIY fall decor project with you to begin preparing your home for the fall (and winter) seasons.

I've seen concrete pears around at home decor shops, but some of them run for $10-$15 a piece. No way I am going to pay that much for a single decor pear! I've never really thought about making my own until the other day when the idea struck me. I was determined to bring this to life and see how it would turn out.

I'm happy to say that it was a SUCCESS! I love the way they turned out. And it was extremely quick and easy to do.

I'm sharing how I made these + a few styling tips:


-Faux pears- I got mine from Hobby Lobby. They come in a bag of 6 but you can buy them individually as well.

-Acrylic paint with a chalky finish. This gives off the matte/"concrete" look. The color I got is called light sand grey.

-Paint brush- you can use any kind

Once you have all of your supplies, begin painting the paint on the pears. I did 2-3 coats on each to give it good coverage, but if you want some of the color to show through you can leave it at 1-2 coats. Just all depends on the look you are going for!

The paint should try within an hour..super quick process.

Styling tips

I am using these pears as part of my fall dining tablescape, however you can use them in multiple ways:

-Table centerpiece: Integrate them throughout your centerpiece/tablescape using greenery, cotton stems and candle sticks.

-Fill your empty lanterns: Remove other items from the lantern and fill them with a few of the pears.

-Add to your table tray: Is there empty space in your table tray/stand? Add a pear or two with items such as vases and candles.

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