H2H Top Budget-Friendly Kitchen Picks

May 8, 2019

They say the kitchen is the heart to the home, and with that in mind it's one of my favorite spaces to not only decorate but fill with essentials that can take your cooking experience to the next level. 


I'm sharing some of my top picks, that not only look good aesthetically but are also functional and rated well amongst all of the kitchen items. 





I could spend so much time looking through all of the options for dinnerware. I personally to lean towards the simple + neutral options. I keep two sets in our kitchen cabinets to switch it up. Linked here is the ceramic set we use from Crate & Barrel. They are simple, yet are a bit unique with freeform rims. 











We typically just use clear glasses for our everyday drink glasses, but for the spring/summer I especially like to have some fun with a little color that we can bring out on the patio during a BBQ. These glasses look great in a cabinet, and also out on a table. Plus..they are super affordable (under $4 each)! 











Tea kettle


In my opinion, a tea kettle is a staple in a kitchen. I like to have it set out at all times on the stove top. This is a good area to add a pop of color too if you'd like. Le Creuset has some of my favorite tea kettles. 










Cookbook + stand


Put your favorite cookbook on display. I like using a simple stand that is sleek and doesn't take up too much room on the countertop. 


 NOTE: I couldn't find my exact stand but linked a similar one below. 








Utensil holder


Need something to hold your utensils? We usually keep a majority of our utensils in a drawer, however there are a few I like to have out on the countertop to make it easy to grab and go when cooking.










Kitchen towels


For dish drying and hand drying, kitchen towels are a staple. I usually hang mine from our gas range, over a cabinet and over the end of the sink. 












Kitchen hand soap + lotion


If you're looking for a soap and lotion that isn't harsh on the hands and smells delish, these are for you. One of my favorite soap scents is lemon. 



















Coffee maker


For all of you coffee lovers, this coffee maker is for you. Nespresso is one of my favorite brands to use for coffee. This one is the Vertuo Chrome. 












As always, if you have any questions feel free to reach out! 



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