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Front porch styling for spring/summer

The entrance to your home always makes a first statement! Whether you have a porch or not, you can find ways to style the area of your front door to make it inviting!

I am sharing a few tips for creating an inviting space for the spring/summer (and you can switch out for other seasons as well):

Add layered rugs

Start by adding a rug/doormat in front of your door. I like to layer a small rug underneath a doormat to create added texture and visual dimension. You can choose your own patterns and colors based on the style of your front porch area. I like switching up patterns- for mine I chose a striped rug with fringe on the sides, and then added a fun patterned doormat.

Here are the rugs I have:

Planters + greenery

For the spring/summer, add some planters with some flowers and/or greenery! This creates such a nice 'welcome' into your home and adds some color!

One of my favorite, go-to white planters (super affordable):

Bring in accents, such as lanterns

Lanterns are one of my go-to pieces for decorating an outdoor space. They fill small spaces nicely and the great thing is that they can be easily transitioned throughout each season.

Here are some of my favorite outdoor lanterns:

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