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Do you ever ask yourself...

"I don't know what to put on that big wall"

"How do I make my space feel brighter"

"How can I make my room feel less cluttered"

"How should I style these shelves"

"What can I put in this corner of the room"

"What should I display above my couch"

"How can I decorate this mantle"

That's where Design Solutions can help! 

The Design Solutions offering is meant to provide you an affordable and quick way to get inspiration and recommendations on design questions/problems you are having in your home, without having to hire an interior designer or choose a full package. 


There is a flat fee of $125 associated with each (per area/space) Design Solution submitted.

What is included:

An email sharing my recommendations on how to best style the space/area submitted. This could include some sample sources, colors, etc. but will not include actual sourcing, space layout, e-design, etc. Additional services will be charged at an hourly rate and can be discussed. 

The process:

  1. Fill out the form below

  2. I will return your email in 2-3 business days

  3. Depending on the area and the questions involved, I will turn around an email consultation/recommendation within 1-2 weeks (potentially earlier). 

  4. If you would like further consultation, sourcing, etc., we can discuss moving into an e-design.

It's as easy as that!
























What is the difference between Design Solutions and E-Design? 

Design Solutions is meant to provide brief inspiration and consultation to give you ideas on how to update a specific area(s) of your home, while E-design takes it a step further and provides actual sources, space layout, etc. 

Once I get into a design solution, can I then move forward to e-design if I want more recommendations and sources?

Of course! If you like what you get and want more, I'd love to continue to work with you to help create the space you love. 

How many spaces/areas are included in the Design Solution?

One space/area per submission. Each additional space will be another flat fee charge. 

Can Design Solutions help design an entire room?

Design Solutions are meant to be provide quick recommendations/inspiration to an area you have been having questions about (i.e. a wall, a shelf, bedding, rug choice, etc.). They are not meant to provide furnishings for an entire room. If this is something you would like, I'd recommend choosing my full e-design service. 

For any questions, please email me at

Can't wait to work with you!

Submit Your Design Solution Here
How would you describe the style of your home and decor

Thanks for submitting! I will get back to you in 2-3 business days and follow-up with asking for images for your space. 

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