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Adding a touch of farmhouse to your home: 4 tips

Looking to add a little touch of farmhouse to your home? I'm sharing 4 simple and easy tips and decor items you can begin incorporating in your home to achieve this style:

1. The chippier the better.

Chipped wood decor adds a hint of rustic to your home. A few items can include corbels, stands, cabinets, and so much more. Don't be afraid to take a few of the items you own and DIY to add a bit of a vintage style.

-Corbels + Candle: Magnolia

-Stand + glass jars: Hobby Lobby

-Vintage book: Patrick's grandmothers (she had a lot of old books around her house and we were sure not to give those away..)

2. Recycled glass goes a long way

Recycled glass comes in all shapes and sizes and what you can do with it is endless. I like adding a few simple stems, such as cotton or greenery.

Recycled glass jar + cotton stem: Linen & Flax Home

3. The touch of rustic

Adding a few rustic pieces to your home can bring the whole look + feel together. Have you spotted any of these items on Pinterest? If you really want to add your own style, you can even DIY some of these such as this blanket ladder. Here's a recent post on how you can DIY your own blanket ladder for under $15.

Oversized clock: Pier 1 Imports

4. Combination of stems + greenery

Have a few vases, planters or jars that you just aren't sure what else to add to it? Try adding some cotton stems or faux lambs ear to add some texture and color.

Stems + metal basket hangers: Hobby Lobby

For more decor and styling tips, be sure to follow me on Instagram (@housetohome_design) and Pinterest (House to Home Design Co.)

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