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Updating our home office: Redesign plan

Our home office has taken on a bit more of a priority now than it ever has before due to the pandemic and the working remote environment. Working at the kitchen table hasn't been a big issue for me in the past, but with working from home each day and since having a baby I've found more of a need to have a dedicated space away from the living room.

We've always had a designated space for a desk downstairs, however with both my husband and I working remote we needed to find two separate spaces since we both take Zoom calls, etc. We decided to move my husband's desk upstairs in our guest bedroom so he can take calls with the door shut, etc. and turn the downstairs space into an area either of us could work at.

In this blog post I'm sharing my office "redesign" plan. We decided that we weren't going to make any cosmetic changes to the actual space (no paint or accent walls). As much as I'd love to add an accent wall in here, it's just not reasonable at this point since it's not going to be our forever home and we wanted to make the investment elsewhere since we have already painted this room when we painted the entire home. This update really just includes redecorating and adding some lighting to give a different look and feel to this area.

Here is the design board I created:

A few things we had to keep in mind with this space:

  • We have an antique record player that is a family heirloom and will need to stay in this space

  • This area will also be multi-purpose (will store our pack and play, toys, etc.)

  • To save on $ we will be DIYing the desk, repurposing a piece of butcher block we had in our kitchen

The first update we made was adding sconces above each bookshelf and using the magic light trick vs. hardwiring to save on cost! Take a look at this blog post all about that in case you missed it.

Sharing all of the updates and progress as we go over on my Instagram: @housetohome_design.

Stay tuned for more!

xo- Sophie

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