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Tips for choosing versatile home decor

If you're like me, you love to change up the decor in your house, rearrange the furniture, refresh and renovate, etc. Now don't get me wrong, there are some things that aren't going anywhere anytime soon, but you'd be amazed with how one simple change can transform a space.

There are a few things I look for when purchasing home decor:

-What is the true purpose? Is it storage, space filler, etc.?

-Can I use it, or multiple versions of it, in other areas of my home?

-Am I wanting it to make a statement/be a "stand out" piece that catches the eye?

For the purpose of this blog post, I'm going to use baskets as an example home decor item that can be extremely versatile. This isn't something you can do with everything, but I like to choose items that I can get more than one use out of (it's a budget saver too :)).

Sometimes I get my inspiration just by sitting on my couch and eyeing the one item that I'm wondering what I can do more with...and other inspiration comes from browsing photos in magazines, online, HGTV (of course).

Here are a few ways I use baskets in my home

Note: I used the same baskets for all three photos

1) "Cute" storage

I call this "cute" storage because this isn't necessarily a need for storage, but it holds some of my other decor items. I love flipping baskets on the side and seeing what all I can do with it..such as hanging them on walls, or resting them on top of a dresser.

2) Stack and display

There may be other decor you want to give some height too. I've seen this done with crates, but this is something you can do with baskets as well.

3) Actual storage

Ok, so now for the "actual" storage. We were deciding between putting doors on the bottom of our built-in or baskets that would serve as storage. I love the texture and color of these baskets so for now it serves as a functional and attractive solution. You can put baskets anywhere..bathroom cabinets, office shelving, etc.

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