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Welcome home: 5 tips for styling an entryway

Nothing says 'welcome home' like a styled entryway. Entryways are one of my favorite spaces to decorate for since it sets the tone for the rest of the rest of the home.

You don't have to make your entryway grand or over the top. I actually prefer keeping it simple with a few statement pieces.

Here are some tips to consider when decorating your entryway:

TIP 1: Start with a base, such as a slim table or bench to define the space. I recently found this console table on Amazon for a pretty amazing price (under $60).

TIP 2: Add a statement piece on the wall, such as a large mirror or piece of artwork. I like using large mirrors in this space to reflect the light that comes through, which makes the space feel even bigger. I purchased this natural wood mirror at HomeGoods, but linked here (and below) is a similar option.

TIP 3: Choose decor that fits your style and is cohesive with other areas/decor in your home. Some decor I like using on entryway tables include seagrass baskets, glass jars/vases, fresh/faux flowers/stems, neutral books and candles. They key here is to add a few pieces that will fill the table without creating a cluttered look. Use varying levels of height across the table and create balance by tying in color and materials across the table. If you have a bench, use baskets and throw pillows to add texture and maybe even some pops of color to the space.

TIP 4: Add a rug to warm up the space. The size/style will all depend on the space, but in entryways/hallways I love a good runner to extend the length of the area. Don't be afraid to go bold here by adding some pattern and colors. Here's another Amazon find, made by Loloi rugs. Ours is the 2x7- Grey/Apricot.

TIP 5: Utilize the floor space to add items such as baskets, not only for extra storage but for additional texture that draws the eye to the space.

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